Hotel Tantalo – Panama City

I don’t do hotel reviews because a) I picked up the tab b)seriously, I’m out to have a good time and not indulge in the banality of box ticking. But, I couldn’t bear the thought of keeping Hotel Tantalo’s awesomness to myself. Tucked in the center of the historic distric, Casco Viejo, which I wouldn’t call the safest place in the world, Tantalo’s vibrancy lights up the whole area that is under restoration and guarded by cops.

On our first night out exploring, we stumbled upon El Chorillo by chance, well the truth of the matter is I do NOT know how to read maps. We ran the other way once we realized we were the only tourists in the hood. It got darker and the homeless dude who chanted “Open your eyes, you’re in Panama City” nonstop didn’t exactly comfort us.

It’s safe as long as you avoid El Chorillo.

As soon as we set foot in the hotel, we were met with a spiteful looking steel dog structure, a simulation of neighborhood dogs that roam the streets in rage, literally. Despite witnessing a gruesome dog-man-attack from the balcony, we had the best night’s sleep!

I vote Hell yeah to Value for money, atmosphere, lobby/restaurant, rooms, bathrooms, bed, rooftop bar and its hip vibe. And, I’m a sucker for colors.

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