Why not….Klabi, Thailand?

If you overextend your stay in Bangkok or Singapore a little over your general tolerance level towards being in crowds, then you know it’s time for a break. It’s called, well I call it, I’m-cranky-it’s-not-you-it’s-me syndrome. The older you get, the more your adrenal glands act up, the less friends you make. Fear not. I got the cure. NO, these websites have got the cure.


Pick a destination, buy your ticket, expect a traffic jam to the airport (I warned you), and don’t look back. Based on past experiences, planning an island escape will rack your brains because there are thousands of options to choose from. Before you get worked up and cancel the trip all together, ask yourself two short and meaningful questions. A) Where is Hard Rock café B) Where are luxury boutique hotels nestled in?

Hard rock café is on the beach you will regret visiting. Most likely the boutique hotel is nestled in the most secluded part of the island with a sedative force that grounds you to the hotel and its vicinity until you have to go back home. Too expensive? It lies close to a few affordable hotels. Nevertheless, Thailand’s hospitality is renowned for its unparalleled warmth regardless of where you stay.

Last September (2012), I went to Krabi for a couple of non-weekend days, I stayed at Amari Vogue hotel on Tub Kaek Beach, which overlooked the peaceful yet deadly Andaman Sea. Although I could not find a Hard Rock Café, I knew Ao Nang Beach was a stay away. A victim of the 2004 Tsunami, Krabi’s tranquil nature keeps it off the radar. It neighbors hundreds of tiny islets that primarily attract rock climbers to Ton Sai on the Railay peninsula.

Apart from the long tail boat trip I took to Koh Hong to admire Krabi’s postcard-famous limestone cliffs towering over turquoise waters and lagoons in the archipelago, I spent the rest of my time holding back my prying urge to cave hop, snorkel, trek and tourist watch. Inevitably, I succumbed to nature’s serenity.

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