Munnar – Elephants and Tea, India

Naturally, we woke up to distinct chirps as the sun rose above the forest. Life on cloud nine. How do I describe such beauty? Seriously. We lost consciousness and found beauty in everything, including the unpleasantness of the resort. So, we went out towards the Tamil Nadu borders and explored.

Back CameraThe city center was inescapable. However, we spotted admirable gems standing out in the hustle and bustle. Like the church and little of what was left of the balcony that framed one of the summer resorts of the British government. It didn’t matter if we were decades too late; the beauty remained intact.

Back Camera

Preserved neatly

We drove through rolling hills. LOTS OF IT! Towards Marayoor to Eravikulam (Rajamalai) National Park, home of an endangered mountain goat, Nilgiri Tahr. We immediately ditched the safari (reasons below) and headed to Echo Point at Kundala Lake.

Price List

Price List

I'm happy looking at mountain goats on google images. Get me outta here.

I’m happy looking at mountain goats on google images. Get me outta here.

Echo Point

Echo Point

Excuse me, I would like to the lake

Excuse me, but I would like to see the lake

It's just a lake

Capturing the beauty

And then……there were these poor souls, somewhere up in the hills, beaten up to entertain tourists. We involuntarily stopped at “The Elephants Arrival Spot”. What I call a tourist trap.
Can I borrow your tusk?

Can I borrow your tusk?

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