Trivandrum – Picture Essay, India

So, for a bunch of travelers on the go, a night on the houseboat was more than enough to marvel the beauty of what nature OR man had created hundreds of years ago. It’s no five star resort nor the perfect honeymoon escape (as advertised) unless you bring your space suit along to keep the mosquitoes away, give your arms a good exercise or are really desperate to get rid of your partner.  Beauty has its price and we paid for it.

The next morning, we hit the NH47 and drove towards our final destination, Trivandrum.

What do you do in an overpopulated capital that may or may not possess temples with secret gold vaults worth India’s billion dollar education budget? Take to the streets.

Unfortunately, the uniquely designed Shree Padmanabhaswamy Temple was under renovation. Forget the temple! The city is a total ad fest.

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