Windhoek to Lusaka – Day 1

It took 11 days to drive from Windhoek, the capital of Namibia to Lusaka, the capital of Zambia. The result? Getting to know the real Africa. Could it have been our guide, people, scenery, animals, nature, sunsets or where we spent the night? Whatever it was, she blue us away, pun intended.

We caught the 6:45am 2hour flight to Windhoek from Cape Town. We hit the road at 9am towards Rehoboth then to Solitaire in the Khomas region, where parts of the movie Mad Max was filmed. There isn’t much in Solitaire apart from a gas station, bakery and a beautiful sky.

From and To: Windhoek to Agama River Camp, which lies in a desolate area between Solitaire and Sesrium.

Distance: 330KM

Time: 5 Hours, includes 30 min cake and tea stop at Solitaire

We arrived at 2:30pm and chilled at the camp site until 7:30pm when dinner was served by Sven, the German chef who left Germany many years ago and moved to Namibia with nothing but his kitchen tools. The camp receives parcels of food once a week, enough to keep us all full!

The pictures, which have NOT been filtered, are arranged in the order of how we arrived to our final destination.

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