Rundu – Day 6

We saw the usual suspects on our way out of Halali, towards Namatoni and checked out of Etosha National Park. The cats were out of sight, so we saw a herd of zebras and impalas. There are three camps at Etosha National Park, Okaukeujo was my favorite, Halali was ordinary and Namatoni looked pretty dated, so it was under renovation.

At this point, we gave up on serious game, not by choice. Erm, we were out of the park too.

Since we were in the northern part of Namibia, the landscape was lush and fertile. We were exposed to the rural life of the country side where herdsmen were driving their cattle and children were walking to or back from school.

As we approached Rundu town, which sits on the Kavango River (they call it Okavango in Botswana), we stopped by a gas station. We ate beef and mushroom pie from the bakery and naturally it was nothing short of tasty. Namibian bakeries and supermarkets are consistent and good quality throughout Namibia, so filling our stomachs was never a problem. We also had a good amount of Biltong in the car that we ate like we’d never eat again. Darn right!!

We arrived at Nkwazi Lodge in the afternoon. It sits on the narrow Cubango River, that expands into the Okavango River. Angola was right across. After coffee and cake, not to be mistaken with high tea, we planned to take the boat down to Angola and declare ourselves illegal immigrants, but the heavy rain put a damper on it. The beautiful pink sunset was out of the ordinary.

We chilled around the lodge and cherished the moment. Without having to throw a bunch of cliches around, I can NOT put words to what is was like being out there in the bush, above all, in the remoteness of Namibia.

From and To: Halali Camp Etosha to Rundu

Distance: 500km

Time: 6 hours

Photos are unflitered.

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