Kantaro: The Sweet Tooth Salaryman – Guide to Japan

My #goals2018 include more time on the sofa, so I’ve been getting ideas on how to fill my belly in Japan. This is a part of my new category: so’fa dreamin, get the pun? No? Yes? Pun.

Kantaro is a show on NETFLIX about some guy who takes up a sales job in Tokyo only to reward himself with sweets. He plans ahead of time to play hooky.

It’s even better if you’re into manga or anime. I’m not, but it doesn’t matter. Each episode is about one AMAZING dessert. With each desert, he will stare down the desert longingly, followed by some crazy samurai-style shouting (at the desert) before he takes a bite, which is also followed by some melodramatic emotional chewing. Then he indulges slowly into the art of each and every ingredient filmed down to a T. Sometimes he describes the owner or where they sourced the ingredients from.

His reactions are super corny, in some instances he cries because he loves it so much. Then, he starts imagining things, like some kind of nirvana or whatever, so it’s 5 minutes of weirdness, I presume a manga/anime thing I don’t got a clue about. But then this is Japan…Godzilla Hotel…vending machines…KFC on Xmas Eve (true story) so plenty that i don’t got a clue about really.

If you plan to go to Japan, then this show is a good munch guide.

My list includes: (THANK the fitness GODs it’s only 3 out of 12)

Caramel Pudding – Trattoria Pizzeria Esse Due
Ohagi @ Takeno to Ohagi
Chocolate Tart @ Minimal

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