Sunrise is like such a big deal – Pokhara, Nepal

How often do you get lucky and watch the sun slowly rise above the Himalayas then cry “THAT’S IT?” . At 4AM, we forced ourselves out of bed to drive up to the mountains and witness a non-eclipse. Nah, Northern Lights are way too common, this was SUNRISE. We Robinson Crusoe’d out the hotel, onto the bus and maneuvered along narrow windy roads, dips and rises, with eyes half open, until we reached Sarangkot that overlooked the magnificent yet dangerous Annapurna Range.We made it and so did a hundred others glaring into sheer darkness.

Taken in the day time

After sun rise, but you get my point..

“OOs” and “AAs” grew louder as the sun rays slowly unveiled the peaks of the Himalayan Range. In a process called “Daybreak”, we witnessed the revolution of colors. Violet turned into dark orange, then all shades of orange dispersed into the sky miraculously metamorphosing into light blue and puffed out clouds to complete what makes the sky so pretty.
For those of you who sleep in at the break of dawn, yeah “this rocks!”. Don’t get me wrong, sunrises undeniably melt my heart and since I was already here, I mumbled “Yeah, Annapurna, ughh,OKAY I’LL DO IT”. Would I do sunrises again? Yes, the day I specialize in outdoor photography.

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