Cheated our way to Everest

“What is there to fear?”, asked Confucious and everyday people. Nevertheless, we took the short cut and flew over Mahalangur, the Himalayan section where Everest holds its head up high, rather than sign up for trekking Mount Everest Base Camp. Fear not. The next morning we hopped on the 19 seater “Mountain flight” and flew towards the Nepal/Tibet border for a different kind of challenge. Spot “Everest” from a range of pointy look a likes.

We took off smoothly into clear skies and approached his majesty. Leaflets were handed out with descriptions of other snow-capped peaks that lay on the range and towered over humanity, while we waited our turns to get in the cockpit for a better view. The plane shook and hit strong turbulence, but we were too engrossed in the whole experience to fear for our lives (during the first part). Coming close to a million years of rock formations that continues to guard the world’s sacred mountain was an out of this world hair-raising experience.

I may not have climbed Everest, but I flew close enough to admire the passion climber’s and their Sherpas carry as they fight the world’s powerful beast. Not to forget our “act of bravery” as the plane swung its way down to the valley. All we got was an Everest Flight certificate.


Spotting game


There you are!


Time to go!

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