The Art of Cigar rollin’

The next day we stopped at Partagas Cigar Factory, which exclusively produces Partagas cigars, and exhibits artistry and dedication as thousands of cigars were rolled, wrapped and cut.

We walked past no-entry temperature-controlled rooms where fermented tobacco leaves were stored and moistened. Tobacco leaves were manually separated by their tobacco type, determined by the duration of fermentation and according to Cubans “the touch of human hands”. They were then placed in specific boxes and then on the roller’s desk.  Approximately two hundred cigar makers roll on average 150 cigars a day. No cameras allowed in the factory, so I took this video on the the fields in Vinales. According to cigar aficionados back home, they LOVED the cigars from the fields. So, before you spend all your money (in the shop next door to the factory) on cigars that are already exported to the rest of the world, check out the ones on the field.

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