Brooklyn Diaries, New York

29 Weekends ago, I wanted to make sure that if I paid double the amount for half the time of a foot massage (reflexology) I can get for cheaper in China, it had to be WORTH IT. So, I walked from Brooklyn to lower Manhattan. Check it out.

11:30 pm: We took the L-train to Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn and got our grub on at Dumont Burger. 


1pm: We headed towards Brooklyn Flea Market in Williamsburg  that overlooks the East River. Lost? Nevermind, there’s always something special round the corner. Brooklyn Flea is open every Sunday and Smorgasburg, the all-food market, is open on Saturdays. It runs from April to Thanksgiving.

Warning: Do not go to Smorgasbug on a full stomach.

1:15pm: Sunday at the Flea Market.

2PM: We walked along Wythe Avenue among others. After turning into 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th street, stopping by a cafe and crossing McCarren Park, we stopped by Van LeeUwan for vegan ice cream. FYI, I gobbled down half a doughnut at the flea market.

3:45PM:  Off to Bergen Street on the G Train from Nassau Avenue.

4:15PM: From Bergen Street station, we walked along Smith Street towards Atlantic Avenue. From Atlantic Avenue we walked towards the river, turned into Henry Street and headed straight up to Vine Street, at the foot of Brooklyn Bridge.

5:30PM: View from Pier 1 Brooklyn Park.

6PM: View of Manhattan Bridge from Empire Fulton Ferry Park at DUMBO ( Downtown Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass).  If you’re into up and coming art galleries, responsive to free wifi and like popping in to random cafes because you’re desperate to pee after a damn long walk, then Dumbo’s cool transitions into cool-ER. Spoiler alert: Expect long bathroom queues. Why? DUMBO’s “up and coming” nature. Accountants call it Work in Progress.

6:30pm: Woopin’ down whoppie pie  @ One Girl Cookies, 33 Main Street. My favourite whoppie pie. Too bad, they got none in Dubai. Maca-raca-roons got nothing on these babies.

7pm: And Finally, we were headed towards Brooklyn Bridge while the sun gradually set on the Manhattan skyline. There’s a cycling and jogging track on the bridge and a swarm of tourists in fear of getting run over by cyclists, actually me. WELL, it is the oldest bridge and most touristic. The lower Manhattan view is beautiful. It’s just as beautiful as the view from Manhattan and Williamsburg bridges. (Future post)

7:30pm: Off the bridge. Still at freaking awe over how the bridge was built in 1883, but then my thoughts were quickly interrupted by the beauty of the Manhattan Municipal Building on Center Street completed in 1914. It totally looked like the Stalinist Gothic “Seven Sisters” skyscrapers in Moscow as a symbol of Soviet triumph after WWII. And oh the irony as the Manhattan Municipal was built because of lack of space on the island. But, I shall not digress.

It’s the one with the lit up crown.

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