A chill pill- Bran Castle Romania

Although we didn’t interview the vampire (was filmed here), we learned five non spooky facts:

  1. Vlad the Impalor, the Prince of Wallachia, who Dracula was named after didn’t live in this castle.
  2. Bram Stoker, Irish, the author of Dracula, never visited Transylvania.
  3. The castle was a fortress to keep the Turks away. Dracula was not a Turk.
  4. The Romanian royal family converted it into their Summer residence because Dracula didn’t live here. The surrounding views are quite spooctacular.
  5. Worried about off-season winter chills? You’ll have the castle all to yourself. Don’t mind the slippery wet cobbles, Count Dracula will come find you before you fall on your back.

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