Reflections – Heidelberg

This time, we spent a couple of months in Heidelberg and habituated ourselves to an unexpected new journey. So, I took the opportunity to flex my fortitude, build my zen and groove on little things like balconies, fresh air and taking reflection-full photos (album below).

Heidelberg is one of Germany’s most beautiful cities and I am totally grateful to spend time away from home in a quaint town like this one with a population of 140k on their bikes. Everywhere we walked, we could catch a glimpse of the famous castle. I marveled at pastel colored buildings that blended well with the surrounding forest.

The Romans were here and left a collection of relics. Because of Heidelberg’s non-industrious location, it remained unaffected by past conflicts. The oldest university built in the 1300s is nestled in the center of the city, divided by the Nekar river that flows all the way to industrial cities like Manheim. The city is buzzing with students and tourists. There’s a ton of rich history in Heidelberg, too deep to indulge in, at a point where the present was more poignant. Besides, I am reading a book about the myth of the Scandinavian utopia. I shall not digress.

So I just hung out, got my miles in, listened to podcasts and spent the evenings at the grocery store to compare food prices like I just turned 34. I’ve been spending more time at the grocery store than posh restaurants, a sign of the times.  Things are slowly coming along where time feels like an eternity but is passing way too fast . Strange right?

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