Along the Skeleton Coast – Day 3

We left Swakopmund at 10:30am, and drove along the shorelines of Skeleton Coast,  a popular fishing destination. Before we entered the Skeleton Coast Park, we stopped by Cape Cross, a seal reserve and saw thousands of seals. We got really close to them and were lucky to get a good whiff. In my opinion, they smell like fermented anchovies, which hung on to us till the next shower.

Skeleton Coast is notorious for ship wrecks and whale bones that were washed ashore because of harsh weather conditions.We saw two ship wrecks, a ton of locals fishing, and an ancient oil rig right in the desert that screamed Tetanus.

The long stretch was lonely, but this part of earth was overwhelming. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t feel eerie. Was it the bare landscape? Or the fact that it malevolently keeps man away?

It was even lonelier at Terrece Bay, the remotest part of Namibia. The camp was pretty cool, perfect to sit back and relax to the sound ocean waves. Sound familiar? Trust me, THIS experience was different. I promise. 😉

From and To: Swakopmund to Terrece Bay

Distance: 360KM

Time: 5 hours

Pictures are unfiltered

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