Etosha National Park – Day 4

We checked out of Skeleton Coast Park and headed to the East towards Etosha National Park that surrounds the beautiful Etosha salt pan. The landscape shift was dramatic yet delicate under clear skies, from huge vast plains of desert that gradually transformed dotted green bushes into a vast expanse of green pastures as we approached the park. We were lucky to see a jackal’s behind on our way out of Skeleton Coast.

On the horizon, the sky reflected on the shiny green salt pan at Etosha. Since it was the tail end of the rainy season, it was a beautiful composition, while the big cats were in hiding, blending in with the tall grass. There was nobody home at our game drive, except for one giraffe and a couple of jumbo ostriches.

We arrived at the Okaukeujo Camp at 4:30pm. The camp is famous for its waterhole that was across our chalet. We hung out at the waterhole expecting to see animals, and saw nothing but a beautiful sunset. Naturally it rained, so the animals didn’t have to walk too far for water. It’s unpredictable with game drives, everyone wants the cats, when it is clearly up to nature.

From this day, our dinners consisted of delicious game.  Here, we ate Eland, an antelope that was so dang tender.

From and To: Terrece Bay to Okaukuejo Camp

Distance: 500km

Time: 7 hours

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