Goodbye Durban – Day 15

March 16, 2018

Audacia Manor Boutique Hotel to King Shaka Airport

Distance: 30km

Time: 30mins

For some peculiar reason before disconnecting the hotel’s wi-if network, my overly suspicious side saved the route from Audacia to King Shaka on google maps – well, just to keep tabs on the guide. Revisiting this experience creeped up on me and my hunch was totally right. Instead of driving straight north, I think he missed an exit and veered off to another highway that took us further away from the airport.

We didn’t say anything assuming he was going to do a uey at some point. As we missed a few, it just didn’t feel right seeing the blue dot move away from the airport. What on earth was he going? Finally I said something, he said he was following his shitty GPS. The same GPS that gave us all the wrong directions:

Losing the way on the outskirts of Joburg

or conflicting signals here

I don’t know how one can get it so wrong, the high ways in SA are well connected with clear signs everywhere. Thank fish there was a U-turn on the endless highway that brought us back to the main road. Phew.

Despite the guide’s poor sense of direction, he organized one heck of a trip – we indulged in the beauty of SA’s vast and colorful landscapes replete with cozy guest houses. We felt at home everywhere!


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